Fresh air…

I love hiking.  I love being with nature and the quiet it brings.  The views are amazing – whether they’re miles away or right in front of my face.  We live in such a beautiful place, why not take advantage of what’s given to us.

Overlooking southwest Sonoma County.
Overlooking southwest Sonoma County

Shiloh Ranch Regional Park

Yesterday I went for a hike in Shiloh Ranch Regional Park.  This park is located in Windsor, Ca and has a nice set of trails.  There’s a good balance of inclines, declines, and flat trails and all are about medium difficulty.  Yesterday the views were beautiful no matter where I was on the trail.  My total distance was 4.0 miles | 77 minutes.  Temperature 70º with very little wind.

Shiloh Ranch Regional Park
Creekside Trail


Shiloh Ranch Regional Park Pond Trail
Pond Trail